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Itinerary Bus Stop

RTL universel Universal Accessibility


Are all RTL bus lines adapted for customers with limited mobility?
For the moment, only lines 1, 4, 6, 28, 74, 77, 80, 106 and 177 offer this service. As we will gradually be adding to the number of accessible lines, we invite you to contact us periodically for more information about their availability.
Can the bus driver help me board or get off the bus?

No. The bus driver must stay at the wheel of his vehicle at all times in order to guarantee the safety of all passengers and to be able to intervene if need be. He cannot leave his seat to help you board or get off the bus, nor to help you to the reserved zone.

What happens when the reserved zone is already taken by another person?
This will happen very rarely, but should it happen, you have two options:
 Why can I only get on or off at certain stops on an accessible bus line?
The physical configuration of a bus stop must meet certain criteria to allow customers to get on and off the bus safely using the access ramp.

Only bus stops that meet the criteria will be designated as accessible.

Note that cars parked in the bus stop can temporarily render a stop inaccessible.