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Universal accessibility

With a view to universal accessibility and through various planned actions, the RTL aims to ensure, within a reasonable timeframe, the gradual expansion of access to the regular transit network for customers using a manual or motorized wheelchair and mobility scooters.
It also facilitates travel on its regular network for customers with limited mobility, i.e., with a walker, cane, guide dog, stroller, etc.
Under the name , the Réseau de transport de Longueuil offers its customers greater flexibility, while also allowing them more autonomy and spontaneity.

An increasingly accessible network

In addition to identifying the specific needs and obstacles facing customers with limited mobility, the RTL collaborates with the disabled community and the municipalities in designing its services.

Ad hoc consultations are held and field tests are conducted to ensure the services meet users’ needs.

The interiors of the RTL’s low-floor buses are also adapted to the target clientele. In addition, the buses can be lowered at the front, making it much easier for customers to board the bus.

 Universally accessible lines

Nos lignes accessibles: 1,3,4,6,8,10,13,14,15,17,21,28,29,31,38,41,43,47,60,74,76,77,80,88,160,214,421

A total of 27 universally accessible lines are presently offered on our network. The progressive launch of new lines is made possible by the addition of new buses featuring a boarding ramp at the front that unfolds to accommodate people traveling with a mobility aid.

Moreover, all bus drivers have been trained to address the needs of customers with limited mobility in order to guarantee them safe and pleasant travels.  

Do not forget to check the accessibility of your original stop or destination. The driver cannot let you get on or off the bus if the bus stop is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Not only does universal access benefit passengers with limited mobility, it also makes using public transit more practical and user-friendly for all clients.