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Itinerary Bus Stop

School Lines

The RTL provides several bus routes to aid in the transportation of students to and from several schools in the Agglomération de Longueuil. Therefore, close to 70 bus lines will serve students as a result of agreements signed with the Riverside School Board, the Marie-Victorin school service centre, the Patriotes school service centre and some of the private schools.

The integrated school lines bear the bus lines serial numbers in the 500 or 600. You will find a complete list of bus lines on the menu bar at the top of each website page. You can consult the schedule and route of each line by selecting a line and a date, and clicking on the “Schedule” or “Map” button.
The RTL carries close to 7000 students every day. It’s important to know that students benefit from reduced rates. You will find all the details on how to benefit from reduced rates on our website.