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Shared taxi

The RTL shared taxi lines are a complement to our service offer, providing access to public transit services by offering sustainable mobility solutions in certain, more sparsely populated areas of the Agglomération de Longueuil that are not served by our bus network.
You can take the shared taxi just like you take the bus—using the same tickets, for the same price.
Taxis are identified with an RTL dome indicating the line number.

The taxi stop signs are the same as the bus stop signs, with the difference that they have a T in front of the line number to identify
the shared taxi service.
The shared taxi service offers pre-determined routes and schedules:
  • Proceced to the taxi/bus stop five minutes before the scheduled time.
  • The shared taxi travels its planned route whether or not there are clients to pick up.
  • If the shared taxi is full when it arrives at your stop, a request is submitted for another taxi to come take over.

 Shared taxi line
 Area served
Correspondence with bus lines
In the Saint-Hubert borough: chemin de Chambly and Pacific to boul. Cousineau/boul. Gaétan-Boucher.
In the Saint-Hubert borough: Parc industriel Gérard Leclerc (1re et 2e rue), via boul. Cousineau, to Gaétan-Boucher.
8 -  19 - 42 - 50
In Brossard, serves St-Laurent and Marie-Victorin boulevards to the Panama terminus on Saturdays and Sundays.
On weekdays, the area is served by RTL on demand.
All the lines of Terminus Panama and the Panama station of the REM.
In the Boucherville Industrial Park, serves Eiffel, Louis-Pasteur, J.-A.-Bombardier, De Coulomb, Volta streets, from the Mortagne parking lot to De la Barre and Marie-Victorin.
The area is also served by RTL on demand.