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Request to carry out activities on RTL sites

Activities on RTL sites

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) permits certain non commercial activities at its terminals and park-and-ride lots (e.g., film shoots, photo shoots, etc.). You may be authorized to carry out these activities under certain conditions, provided you submit a request in advance.

How to submit a request

• The nature of the activity (described in detail)
• The date, time and expected duration of the activity
• The desired location
• The number of people involved in the activity
• The material that will be brought on site
• The name and contact information (address and telephone number) of the contact person(s), and the email address, if different from the applicant’s

You will receive an answer to your request within ten (10) business day of its receipt by the RTL. 
Note that certain fees may apply; you will be advised of this by the RTL.


Processing requests

If a request is approved, the applicant will receive a letter of authorization or a site rental contract to hold the event. The applicant must keep this written authorization on hand and show it to an RTL employee upon request. 

The applicant must also provide a waiver of liability in favour of the RTL.

Any inappropriate request that risks jeopardizing user safety or that does not meet the above requirements will be automatically refused.

Other considerations

The use of the RTL logo or any other element of our trademark is prohibited without written authorization.