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Itinerary Bus Stop

The multimodal Chrono application offers a practical high-tech solution to obtain information about routes and schedules for all transit agencies in the Greater Montréal area.

Follow the RTL’s buses in real time  on all our lines! Real-time information on the arrival times at upcoming stops is now available on most of our lines.

Simply open the app on your tablet or smart phone to locate our buses on the map. Based on where the bus is positioned on the map, its arrival time at upcoming stops is calculated in real time.

Receive updates to help you plan your trips better
A feature in Chrono now lets app users receive customized messages informing them of disruptions on their daily route.

Simply select a bus line, a direction and a bus stop, and click the notification button to receive messages about the status of your route.  Stay informed so you can plan your trips better!

Watch our video to find out how to subscribe to notifications in just a few clicks.

With Chrono, you get much more…

Real time
View location of buses when the functionality is offered by the carrier.
Availabiliy of schedules anytime on mobile devices, even offline.

Tracking of buses and trains in real time (when available).
Intuitive, user-friendly navigation.
Position of bus stops, train stations and metro stations near you.

A personalized account and favorite registration.
Trip Planner to find the best route.
Intermodal integration A single app for all public transit agencies.
News feed Get your personalized notifications and exclusive information about our services.
Chrono and BIXI

Find BIXI stations and check the number of bikes available directly on Chrono.

You can also synchronize Chrono with the BIXI app to reserve a bike. Chrono also lets you plan your trip, select the shortest route, and get an estimate of the route time in minutes. 


How to suscribe to our Chrono alerts


How it works


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