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Bus Rental

Trip conditions

It is possible to rent one or several buses from the RTL under the following conditions:
  1. The trip is scheduled outside peak hour periods;
a. From Monday to Friday, between 9h30 a.m. and 3h30 p.m. and after 6h30 p.m.
b. All day Saturdays and Sundays
  1. The trip’s departure is on RTL territory
  2. The trip’s destination is within a radius of 50 km.
Please note that no trips are guaranteed by the RTL, even though the request meets all the conditions. The trip is only guaranteed when the contract is signed and upon receipt of payment for the costs.
In case of force majeure, the RTL can cancel a planned trip and will reimburse the rental costs incurred by the applicant. The RTL is cleared of any responsibilities resulting from this cancellation.

Current hourly rate

  1. A vehicle is rented for a minimum three-hour period;
  2. There is an extra hour charged, per vehicle, to cover idle kilometres and the costs for preparing the vehicle;
  3. An applicant can request a RTL driver who volunteers to drive the vehicle. The applicant must therefore identify the driver and get his consent. In that case, the applicant must mention the driver’s name when making the reservation. The RTL reserves the right to accept or refuse the driver suggested by the applicant.
  4. Hourly rates 
Note: During certain trips, the presence of a supervisor may be required by the RTL. The hourly rate will be increased by $111 per hour.
* Prices are subject to changes without notice and do not include applicable taxes.
To benefit from the non profit organization’s rates, the applicant must prove that its organization is constituted and administrated for non profit purposes under provincial or federal law. To take advantage of the reduced rate for non profit organization, the organization must give proof that its principal place of business is located on the RTL’s legal territory.

Terms of payment

When signing the contract, the applicant must:
  1. pay 50% of the invoice’s total amount 10 days in advance;
  2. pay the balance on the day of the trip. 
All payments must be made by certified cheque or money order payable to the order of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil or paid in cash.

To make a request

To request a rental, you must contact the RTL’s Customer Cervice at 450 463-0131, between 9h00 a.m. and 5h00 p.m. You must have on hand :
  1. The date of the trip;
  2. Approximate time of departure;
  3. Place of departure;
  4. Number of passengers;
  5. Place of arrival;
  6. Approximate time of arrival
  7. Return time.
With this information, the RTL will evaluate your request and verify if your trip is possible.
When the verification is completed, the RTL will inform the applicant whether the trip is possible or not.
If the trip is possible, the RTL will also suggest a departure time and an arrival time in order to better coordinate the activity. You will also be informed of the number of buses you need according to the number of passengers. Finally, the RTL will inform you how much your request will cost. If you are in agreement with these propositions, the RTL will draw up a rental contract and will coordinate the trip’ arrangements with you.