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Itinerary Bus Stop

Board of directors

Jonathan Tabarah
Chairman of the Board and Councillor, City of Longueuil  
Pierre Brodeur 
Vice Chair and councillor, City of Saint-Lambert
Marilou Alarie
Councillor, City of St-Bruno-de-Montarville
Jean-François Boivin
Councillor, City of Longueuil

Jérôme Savaria-Carrière
Transit Users' Representative
Nancy Decelles
Paratransit Users' Representative
Sylvie Desgroseillers
Councillor, City of Brossard
Michel Lanctôt
Councillor, City of  Longueuil
Jacques Lemire
Councillor, City of  Longueuil
Robert Myles
Councillor, City of  Longueuil
Hélène Picard membre du CA du RTL représentant les usagers du transport en commun

Jacques E. Poitras
Councillor, City of  Longueuil
Magalie Queval
Councillor, City of Boucherville