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Contracts and Tenders


Calls for tenders

Under the « loi sur les sociétés de transport en commun (R.S.Q. c. S - 30.01), the RTL must proceed with open tendering when the expenditure exceeds the public tender threshold.

Since April 1st, 2011, suppliers interested in bidding on open tendering must necessarily ask the documents through the calls for tender electronic system (SEAO) approved by the Québec government.

For more information concerning open tendering called by the RTL, please follow the following link : appels d'offres actifs.

Awarded contracts
Since April 1st, 2011, in accordance with the Act respecting public transit authorities (R.S.Q. c. S - 30.01).
For more information on the RTL’s report on awarded contracts, please follow the following link : Report on awarded contacts. $ 25,000 and over.

Contracts over $ 2000

In accordance with section 92.3 of the Act respecting public transit authorities (R.S.Q. c. S - 30.01), the RTL must publish on its website the list of all contracts involving an expenditure of more than 2000 $ with the same co-contracting party where all of these contracts involve an expense exceeding $ 25,000.
For information click on the liste of all contracts with an expenditure of more than $ 2,000.

The by-law on contract management
The by-law on contract management establishes the proceedings required under article 103.2 of the Act on Public Transit Authorities (R.S.Q. c. S - 30.01), hereby called “LSTC”, aiming to ensure a high level of transparency and sound management of contracts at the Réseau de transport de Longueuil.

In compliance with Article 20 of the by-law on contract management, Article 65.0.9 of internal by-law L‑02 specifies the delegations of authority - Règlement L-02 (French only)


Complaints related to public contracts

Following the enactment of the Act respecting the Autorité des marchés publics (CQLR c. A-33.2.1), any person interested in participating in the tendering, qualification of suppliers, or certification of goods process may file a complaint with the RTL’s complaints manager.
An interested person must demonstrate that they have the intention to enter into a public contract and are capable of carrying out the contract.
To be admissible, a complaint must:
Moreover, any interested person may express their interest in entering into a contract with the RTL, further to publication in the SEAO of a notice of intention to enter into a public contract by mutual agreement. They must indicate their interest to the RTL’s complaints manager and demonstrate their ability to carry out the contract according to the requirements and obligations stated in the notice of intention.

You must follow the instructions in the Complaints procedure.(French only)

Complaint Form Filed With a Public Body: