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Itinerary Bus Stop
Wednesday September 25, 2013

Road congestion at the Downtown Terminal

The RTL wishes to inform its customers that due to road works in the downtown area, road traffic is often disrupted and access to the Downtown Terminal is very difficult. Consequently, and in view of circumstances beyond our control, RTL buses arrivals and departures at and from the terminal are frequently and sometimes seriously delayed.

Please note that even if the RTL has no control on job sites locations or schedules, the RTL is truly sorry for the inconveniences caused to its customers.
However, it is necessary to underline the coordination of the RTL and its partners (policemen, city of Montreal, RTL's supervisors) who make every effort to reduce the waiting times and facilitate the flow in these circumstances.
Rest assured that our bus drivers make sure that their work is done in the most efficient possible way despite these major inconveniences.
We therefore ask for your understanding and your patience and thank you for your cooperation!
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