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Itinerary Bus Stop
Wednesday August 07, 2013

New Express Service on Roland-Therrien Blvd

On August 26th, the Réseau de transport de Longueuil will launch its new Express Service on Roland-Therrien Blvd.

The new Expess Lines – 410 and 417 – on Roland-Therrien Blvd

Starting August 26th, the customers using Line 10 will be able to use the new Express Line 410, while the users of Line 17 and Line 117 will be able to use the new Express Line 417 to go to the Longueuil Terminal.

Line 410 and Line 417 will stop only at limited stops at the intersections of Roland-Therrien and Gentilly, Curé-Poirier, King-George and Jacques-Cartier, and then the buses will take their usual routes stopping at all bus stops

Once the service in these sectors is completed, the Express lines going to the Longueuil Terminal will stop only at the four intersections after Jacques-Cartier Blvd.  This will be a valuable time-saver for customers in a hurry to get to the Longueuil Terminal and who want to benefit from the same convenience on their way home during the evening rush hour.

On Saturday and on Sunday

Line 10 and Line 17 will provide services to the Longueuil Terminal and in Districts B and M.

The new local Line 76

Starting August 26th, the new Line 76 will serve the Roberval, Béliveau, Roland-Therrien, Boucher and Belcourt sector.  Furthermore, Line 76 will stop at all bus stops on Roland-Therrien Blvd.  This new local line will offer frequent trips.

For more information, please contact the RTL’s Customer Service, at 450 463-0131.

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