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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have been made to the procedures for obtaining or renewing the reduced-fare OPUS card. Some procedures require you to make an appointment at the ticket office. Here’s what to do.

Student OPUS card

The school tour, which usually takes place every year at several schools in the Agglomération, has been cancelled. This year, several procedures have been introduced to obtain or renew a reduced-fare student OPUS card.

 Make sure you are eligible for the student fare:
  • Eligible individuals are full-time students enrolled at an academic institution recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES), regardless of age.
  • Make sure to have the duly completed Application form for photo OPUS card (photocopies will not be accepted and the date of the signature by your school must be within the previous 30 days). If your school provides proof of online attendance, simply show it when you apply.
At school

Some schools within the Agglomération will issue a photo OPUS card to students who are bussed to school by the RTL, depending on the method of transportation chosen by the school board. Students will be required to pay a $15 card issuance fee.
For students attending the school for the first time, a notice will be sent out in August by the school or the school board.

Schools affiliated with the CEEL program

Université de Sherbrooke, Champlain College, Cégep Édouard Montpetit, the ÉNA, and Collège Charles-Lemoyne are all part of the Carte étudiante en ligne (CEEL - online student card) program, which allows students to obtain or renew their reduced-fare student OPUS card through the website of these institutions. Students can apply for the card and make the $15 payment online; the card is then sent by mail. Detailed information can be found on the websites of the institutions affiliated with the CEEL program.
At a metropolitan ticket office

If your school does not offer any of the above-mentioned options or if your file is incomplete, you will need to go to a metropolitan ticket office.

This year, only people with an appointment will be seen at the ticket office. To make an appointment, go to this website.(available on all browsers except Internet Explorer). Immediately after making your appointment, you will be sent an email confirming your appointment window.
Make sure you bring the following to your appointment at the ticket office:

  1. Photo ID (health insurance card, driver’s license, passport, Refugee Protection Claimant Document, or permanent resident card). N.B.: The student card IS NOT an accepted piece of ID.
  2. The duly completed Application form for photo OPUS card with the seal of the academic institution as proof of full-time enrolment. N.B.: The seal is required only for students age 16 and over.
  3. An accepted payment method: cash, debit or credit card. The card costs $15 for reduced-fare users.



If you have any questions, you can contact RTL Customer Service at 450 463 0131.