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Itinerary Bus Stop

Road work

Certain routes are being diverted to allow for major roadwork. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Please click below to access information on your line’s new route.

However, please note that this page does not indicate roadwork, detours and service disruptions of a relatively short duration. This information is available on our Twitter account located at the left of this page.







13, 37, 55, 500,
613 et 618




























































Due to road work on rue Riverside between Exit 3 off Route 132 east and boulevard Simard, starting on May 8 and lasting for an undetermined period, changes have been made to the following lines: 13, 37, 55, 500, 613, and 618.

ligne 500

ligne 613

ligne 618

ligne 13

ligne 37

ligne 55

In progress

13, 33, 524, 526, 613,
618, 653, 660 et 692
















































Due to road work on avenue Panama in Brossard between May 3 and June 16, 2017, changes have been made to the following lines: 13, 33, 524, 526, 613, 618, 653, 660, and 692.  







In progress

21- 32- 38- 521-
532- and 640

Please note that due to the current labor conflict in the construction industry, these detours will be suspended until further notice. Regular routes are in effect.

Starting April 10, 2017, and for a period of approximately three months, lines 21, 32, 38, 521, 532, and 640 on boulevard Grande Allée in Saint-Hubert will be detoured between rue Ramsay and rue Boisvert, from Monday to Friday, due to roadwork.


In progress

17 -
25 - 76















Starting April 11, lines 17, 20 (afternoon rush hour only), 25, and 76 toward Longueuil metro will be detoured onto rue Saint-Charles between boulevard Roland-Therrien and rue Saint-Alexandre in Longueuil, due to the closure of the westbound side of rue du Bord-de-l’Eau. The buses will stop at the existing stops on boulevard Saint-Charles.


In progress

83 -
84 - 86

















Construction of the Boucherville-Longueuil bicycle and pedestrian link

Between March 20 and the end of August 2017, the access ramp to Route 132 Ouest from boulevard Marie-Victorin will be closed, and one lane will be closed on Route 132 Ouest between the Marie-Victorin exit and the A25/A20 interchange.

Bus lines 83, 84, and 86 will use the boulevard De Montarville detour.

Passengers can expect delays of about 5-7 minutes.  

A lane closure on Route 132 Ouest may also cause disruptions for passengers on lines 80, 82, 85, 87, 180, and 185.   During the construction, we recommend that you factor this added time into your travels. 


In progress