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Tuesday September 03, 2013

The RTL and the City of Longueuil introduce the new Express Service

Longueuil, September 3rd, 2013 – The Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) and the City of Longueuil introduced today the new Express Service on Roland-Therrien Blvd.  RTL users can now travel to the Longueuil Terminal more quickly as well as to the different destinations along the route.  It is the first phase of a rapid public transit network for the agglomeration of Longueuil.

the new express service

 « The Roland-Therrien Blvd is bound to be a multimodal transport corridor.  The Express Service should convince citizens to adopt public transit to go to work or to the Longueuil metro station.  This service will rejuvenate the sector’s urban redevelopment and is in line with the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development objectives as well as with the City of Longueuil’s Active Mobility Plan » said Caroline St-Hilaire, Mayor of Longueuil and President of the RTL.

Free of charge

The mayor took this opportunity to announce that the Express Service will be free from September 9th to 13th.  Express Lines 410 and 417 as well as Local Line 76, that makes all the stops on Roland-Therrien Blvd, will be available free of charge to all users during that period.

A $7M investment

The 5.2km reserved lane has been adapted for buses, the sector’s bicycle path network has been completed and a plot has been created at the corner of De Gentilly Street and Roland-Therrien Blvd.  These improvements represent an investment of almost $7M.

« For several months now, the RTL and the City of Longueuil have been working closely to put in place a first class public transit network for its customers.  The project was developed to address the needs expressed by the citizens of Longueuil requesting more services, but mostly a faster service with increased bus frequencies » indicated Guy Benedetti, Director General of the RTL.

The new Roland-Therrien Blvd Express Service is:

  • 5.2 km of reserved bus lanes in both directions;
  • Pre-emption traffic lights at each of the route’s 16 intersections;
  • Distinctive, lit and comfortable bus shelters that broadcast information to the commuters;
  • 5-minute bus frequencies during rush hours with a limited number of stops;
  • 15-minute bus service during the rest of the day;
  • An improved local service.

A second phase

Adding limited stops to the Express Service is also anticipated at the intersections of Auteuil Street and Des Ormeaux Blvd.  Also planned is adding an Express Service to Longueuil City Hall, the Public Market, the Longueuil-Saint-Hubert train station as well as to other destinations close to the airport such as the École nationale d’aérotechnique, Pratt & Whitney and the Canadian Space Agency.




Sources :

Catherine Bérubé
Press Secretary
Mayor’s office
450 463-7100, ext. 4174
514 240-5499

Nadia Goyer
Public Affairs Adviser
Réseau de transport de Longueuil
(450) 442-8600, ext. 8452

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