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Itinerary Bus Stop

OPUS Solo Flex card

The OPUS card is your key for traveling on the transit networks serving Longueuil, Montréal, Laval, the Agence métropolitaine de transport, the Conseils inter-municipaux de transport (CIT) territory as well as the Québec Réseau de transport de la Capitale!
Only the OPUS card gives you access, under certain conditions, to monthly fares and to RTL’s reduced rates.
The OPUS card is rechargeable. Once you have one, you will use your OPUS card to load the type of fares you need: monthly fares, tickets, Tram, etc.
The Solo Flex card is mainly for occasional RTL customers who do not wish to purchase an OPUS rechargeable card. Only tickets can be loaded on the SOLO Flex card.
The customer can chose to load either 6, 12, 18 or 24 RTL trips at the regular fare only. The 24 hour consecutive and Unlimited evening tickets are also available on the SOLO Flex card.
Reduced fare tickets can be loaded on Opus card with picture only as it is proof that the card owner has the right to benefit from the reduced rate.
Please note that in order to benefit from an automatic 90 minutes correspondence, you must pay your trip with either an OPUS or a SOLO Flex card.