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Itinerary Bus Stop


Who, nowadays, doesn’t dream of joining an organization that prioritizes a positive approach to all aspects of its business?  
Public transit is expanding rapidly, and its development is at the core of a large number of environmental, social, economic, and political issues.
The RTL’s mission is to provide public transit services that meet the transportation needs of citizens within the Agglomération de Longueuil and to Montréal.
By 2022, the RTL aspires to be the main transit provider on the territory of the Agglomération de Longueuil. It aims to become an integral part of citizens’ lives and the community by providing efficient and innovative solutions that will adapt to users’ transit needs in the evolving social, economic, and environmental context of the next ten years.
In achieving our vision, we rely on team spirit, initiative, and partnerships, not to mention our employees.  For this reason, our management approach is based on open communication, teamwork, and the achievement of common objectives through collaboration.  It is an approach centred on personal involvement, initiative, performance, and accountability.
Our management philosophy is built on organizational values that drive our day-to-day actions.
Be considerate of others and our environment.
INTEGRITY  Communicate openly.
OPENNESS Work together to achieve progress.
COMMITMENT Invest in achieving the RTL’s mission, encourage others and recognize their achievements.
What could be more stimulating:
  • than a team dedicated to the success of a major collective project?    
  • than ensuring a sustainable, responsible, and inclusive environment for current and future generations?   
  • than an organization in which people pool their talents and expertise?
Here’s what we’re offering.
The RTL offers a unique and stimulating work environment and challenges, combined with competitive working conditions, in compliance with its employment equity program.
We invite you to apply for a job that corresponds to your skills.

Please click here “Employment alert” to create your personal profile and we will gladly send you information on job opportunities available at the RTL.